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Choose a style of source mapping to enhance the debugging process. Be aware that the following options can affect build and rebuild speed dramatically...

eval - Each module is executed with eval and //@ sourceURL

source-map - A full SourceMap is emitted

hidden-source-map - Same as source-map, but doesn't add a reference comment to the bundle

inline-source-map - A SourceMap is added as DataUrl to the bundle

eval-source-map - Each module is executed with eval and a SourceMap is added as DataUrl to the eval

cheap-source-map - A SourceMap without column-mappings ignoring loaded source maps

cheap-module-source-map - A SourceMap without column-mappings that simplifies loaded source maps to a single mapping per line

devtool build rebuild production quality
al +++ +++ no generated code
cheap-eval-source-map + ++ no transformed code (lines only)
cheap-source-map + o yes transformed code (lines only)
cheap-module-eval-source-map o ++ no original source (lines only)
cheap-module-source-map o - yes original source (lines only)
eval-source-map -- + no original source
source-map -- -- yes original source
See output.sourceMapFilename to customize the filenames of generated source maps.
This section is pretty much just copied over from existing docs... imo more background is needed on the different types of source mapping, maybe via links to external sites that discuss the different types of source maps in more detail.


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